Pumpkin Patch Sensory Bin

This simple Autumn themed rice bin will keep a range of ages occupied. Both my 17 m/o and 3 year old loved this activity..

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Autumn ‘Soup’

A sensory activity for little learners

Now that my youngest child is getting a little older, I am re-introducing the larger scale messy play activities that Z and I have always enjoyed. This Autumn soup is perfect to try on those slow days when you want to cosy on up inside…

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Craft Stick Pull

A simple problem solving task for tabies

Tabies (not quite a baby, not quite a toddler) are full of curiosity so when I knew we had a holiday coming up, I was admittedly a little concerned as to how we’d keep my 14 months occupied…

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‘Free the animals’ Activity for 1+

An activity for curious tabies

Have you got a curious taby at home? It can be kind of difficult to entertain them when they are constantly getting into things, but this ‘free the animals’ activity should keep them occupied for a while! As with most of our activities, you don’t need many resources for this…

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