Ideas for Autumn

Have you possibly guessed that Autumn is my favourite season? I’ve published a lot of ideas on the website recently for some fun Autumnal themed play so I thought i’d collate everything together in one handy place to make it a little easier. The ideas featured here are mainly targeted at children aged between 2-4. Please click the links in the headings to access each activity in full.

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Autumn ‘Soup’

A sensory activity for little learners

Now that my youngest child is getting a little older, I am re-introducing the larger scale messy play activities that Z and I have always enjoyed. This Autumn soup is perfect to try on those slow days when you want to cosy on up inside…

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Raspberry ‘Paint’

A taste safe option for mini artists

I’m always on the hunt for taste safe paint option, especially when it comes to Mr E (16 months) so when we had a punnet of sour raspberries on our hands, we decided to utilise them for painting…

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Ice Painting

A fun idea to try with toddlers

Painting ice cubes is one of our favourite summertime activities. Whilst i’d usually use non-toxic washable paints with my eldest two, I opt to use simple food colouring with my youngest (16 months)⁣

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‘Free the animals’ Activity for 1+

An activity for curious tabies

Have you got a curious taby at home? It can be kind of difficult to entertain them when they are constantly getting into things, but this ‘free the animals’ activity should keep them occupied for a while! As with most of our activities, you don’t need many resources for this…

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Coral Reef Process Art Activity

An activity for mini artists

When Z was very small, we used to do huge messy art projects together and they were awesome! Here she is at 18 months, getting fully stuck into some process art with bubble wrap and non-toxic acrylic paints. Going back through the old photographs has made me realise that I really need to get stuck into more adventurous art projects with E who is 16 months…

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