Pumpkin Patch Sensory Bin

This simple Autumn themed rice bin will keep a range of ages occupied. Both my 17 m/o and 3 year old loved this activity..

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Raspberry ‘Paint’

A taste safe option for mini artists

I’m always on the hunt for taste safe paint option, especially when it comes to Mr E (16 months) so when we had a punnet of sour raspberries on our hands, we decided to utilise them for painting…

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Shape Rescue

Problem solving for little learners…

Every morning after breakfast, I set my youngest two children up with an activity. These are usually quick, no fuss set ups that are made with everyday items from around the house. Today we followed on from a previous ‘rescue the animals activity,’ with this shape based version.

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Post-It Pull

A simple ideas for curious minds…

Mr 15 months is in full on curious mode. At the moment, toys don’t really engage him that well but everyday items sure do! I’m constantly having to be quick on my feet to engage him, otherwise he’d forever be scaling furniture or emptying the Tupperware cupboard.

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21 Highchair Activities for Tabies & Toddlers

The high chair can be a great place for busy tabies and toddlers to focus on an activity. I’ve asked some of my favourite bloggers from around the globe to contribute to this, so please read on for some fantastic ideas…

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