Attention Span By Age

Have you ever felt like you spend more time preparing an activity than the children spend playing with it? When I was a new mum, I spent so much time and effort creating activities that felt like they were played with for seconds. The prep time and mess clear up took twice as long as the actual play. Read on to find out more details about attention span by age:

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An Interview with Myriam from Mother Could

Meet Myriam from MOTHERCOULD! She is a digital creator and mama to two girls, who lives in sunny Miami, Florida. Myriam makes the most awesome video tutorials on Instagram and is one of the loveliest people on the ‘gram…

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Pine Cone Quarry

Sandpit Sensory Play

Many times, sensory play is overthought – there’s the elaborate set ups which are clearly made with love and care, but quite often (or pretty much all the time in our case) It’s the simple ideas that are most engaging…

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Meet Jules from Stories of Play

This week’s inspirational educator is Jules from Stories of Play! Jules is a preschool teacher turned Chief Household Commanding Officer (I’m personally going to start using this title instead of SAHM too as it sounds waaaay better!) She lives in Perth, Australia with her husband and three children. Read on for advice on how to encourage your children to play independently and information on how you can join her brand new Playful Parent Academy…

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10 Activities to try with the Flisat Table

Have you seen the IKEA Flisat table? As soon as I saw it on Little Lifelong Learners Instagram feed, I knew I had to have one! It makes perfect sense for sensory play and even helps to minimise the mess made. Read on for 10 of our most recent activities…

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