Conker Counting

A number match activity to try.

As i’m fond of saying on this website, counting and number recognition are two very different skills. Your little one might be able to count confidently to 10 (or more!) but that doesn’t equate to being able to read what a number represents. At the moment, my Miss 3.10 is working on recognising numbers and so I thought i’d make use of the gazillion conkers we’ve collected recently…

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Pumpkin Picking!

An alphabet match activity for Autumn…

Oh hi there! Me again sharing yet another pumpkin related activity. I just can’t seem to stop buying the decorative pumpkins from the florists here in Vienna but rest assured, they are being put to excellent use for dramatic play and activities. Our latest being this uppercase / lowercase match.

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Ideas for Autumn

Have you possibly guessed that Autumn is my favourite season? I’ve published a lot of ideas on the website recently for some fun Autumnal themed play so I thought i’d collate everything together in one handy place to make it a little easier. The ideas featured here are mainly targeted at children aged between 2-4. Please click the links in the headings to access each activity in full.

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15 Fine Motor Activities for Tabies and Toddlers

The taby and toddler years can be super hard. If your children are anything like mine, then the chances are they are super busy and in to everything! The activities I do with mine are always short, sweet and super easy to set up. Read on to discover some simple ways to help develop fine motor skills…

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Apple-Cinnamon Play Dough

If you want a versatile resource for Autumn, look no further than homemade playdough! Every 6 weeks or so we make a brand new batch of dough and this time around, we’ve gone for an apple theme. Read on below for the recipe.

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Preschool Play on Holiday

As a family we regularly travel. Overtime, I have learnt what works really well on holiday and what can be left at home. The short story is: you don’t need to pack bags and bags of toys!

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