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Discovery Table Week 10: Our City

We made it to week 10! At the time of writing this, still no baby but hopefully it wont be long now! This is the final post in the Discovery Table Series on the website, however if you follow us on Instagram and Facebook, we will still be changing the table each week.

This time around, we’ve chosen the city as our theme. Zoey has taken a real interest in both building and cars recently so we decided to combine the two! Continue reading Discovery Table Week 10: Our City

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Discovery Table Week 9: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This is the penultimate week in our discovery table series and I couldn’t finish without featuring another of our favourite books: The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle! We have LOVED sharing the tables on the blog each week but with a new baby on the way, these posts will finish after 10 weeks. Not to worry though, as we will be keeping them going in real life – just keep an eye out on our Instagram and Facebook pages! Continue reading Discovery Table Week 9: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

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Discovery Table Week 7: Music

Confession here: I’m not very musical! HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean that I don’t encourage the children to explore and experiment with music because music is just brilliant for both creativity and self expression. The musical discovery table was inspired by recent musical purchases whilst on a coastal trip.

music 3.jpg
The tambourine and coconut drum were bought on holiday recently. They only cost $15 each – bargain!

So what’s on the table this week?

This is the first time we’ve based a table on new purchases. Remember, the main reason we started this series was to make use of what we already had and to make sure that we were rotating toys often.

A saucepan and wooden spoon:

music 8.jpg
If you don’t have musical instruments, try inventing your own. We personally love the saucepan and wooden spoon combination!

A basket of musical goodies:

music 2.jpg
Zoey has been gifted a fair few musical toys. Also featured is the rainbow dance ribbon which is very popular in our house!



music 1.jpg
Zoey loves the Nosy Crow board book ‘Listen to the Dance Music’ – she is often grooving along to the different styles of music!
music 6.jpg
For Harrison, I put out the Usborne ‘Lift the Flap’ Science book to learn more about sounds. 

A selection of musical instruments:

music 3.jpg
On the table we had the coconut drum, tambourine, a ukulele and the saucepan drum. Not in the photo but also on the table was a xylophone too!


Want more?

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Discovery Table Week 5: Rainbow

We’ve been doing discovery table set-ups for just over a month now and this week’s rainbow theme is the winner so far! Zoey has constantly been at the table, playing with her Grimm’s rainbow people and building different structures with the rainbow. This table was also a hit with Harrison too, although he was slightly disgruntled that I changed the noticeboard whilst he was at school!

Speaking of the noticeboard, I’m really keen to find out how children in different countries learn their rainbow colours. We were always taught the acronym, Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain’ but I realise that might be a distinctly British thing!

So what’s on the table this week?

As always, nothing was bought especially for the theme, this is simply a matter of gathering together existing toys and books. Bringing different items to the forefront each week means that the toys we have retain their interest.

Grimm’s Goodies

 Santa brought the children lots of Grimm’s for Christmas – they are by far the most popular toys in our toybox. Here Zoey is using the rainbow as a slide. Notice that she’s matched the colours up!

A Basket of Buildables

 These edx rainbow people and Grimm’s rainbow people have offered a range of creative opportunities this week. 

Colourful Books

Books glorious books! Harrison has been reading ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ to his sister all week. The British Museum Colours book is also a great resource for early learners. 


The Book of the Week

‘All the Colours I See’ is our book of the week. I will be sharing this beautiful book over on Instagram stories. 

Play opportunities:

The rainbow table has provided so many opportunities for creative play. This sensory set-up with the Valentine’s rice was a particular favourite. 


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Discovery Table Week 3: The Tiger Who Came to Tea

It’s Valentine’s week and I thought about creating a Love themed table, but honestly, I just don’t think it would engage Zoey (2) right now. Instead, I thought i’d focus on one of our most-loved stories instead: The Tiger Who Came to Tea by the legendary Judith Kerr (who also just so happens to be my favourite children’s author)

But this isn’t all about me, this is about engaging in Zoey’s interests! If you’re not sure what this series is for, check back on the previous posts Baby Clinic and The Alphabet which will explain in  more detail. Thankfully, Zoey loves The Tiger Who Came to Tea just as much as I do, plus the items on this week’s Discovery Table are right up her street!

What’s on the Table?


Remember, the point of this series is to rotate toys and use what we have around the house. The items shown will hopefully provide you with inspiration to use what you have – please don’t go out and buy toys especially for a theme!


Kmart Tea Set


I both love and loathe Kmart. One of the things I most definitely love is wooden toy sets at accessible prices. Also featured here are a Collecta tiger, IKEA felt cakes, homemade salt dough cookies, a fisher price tea pot and cups from a MacDonald’s Happy Meal!

Various Play Foods


Whenever I buy toys for Zoey, I like to make sure that they have ‘playability.’ I tend to aim for items that can be used in a range of scenarios – play food is perfect for so many role play activities from playing ‘shops’ to creating a cafe.

In the photo, you can see a sandwich making set by Bello toys and a felt shopping basket from IKEA.

Story Basket


I love creating story baskets for Zoey – there will be another series of posts coming soon! Here we used the board book – mainly because it is more compact and durable! A cuddly tiger, a small dolly and part of the Kmart tea set.


If you want more ideas, head on over to our Facebook or Instagram pages for daily inspiration!