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Jingle all the way…

Miss almost three is just starting to believe in the magic of Christmas. She now knows who Santa is and dances and sings to any Christmas song that comes on the radio.

That’s why the idea struck to make this incredibly simple dance ribbon ring for Miss Z. I’ve been struggling with crafty inspo recently as we’re currently staying in the UK with my parents and I’m not really able to do as much crafting.

Since having Baby E in April, I’ve had to simplify a lot. In fact, it’s exactly why Heidi from The Harmony Tree House and I established Everyday Play Hacks. The dance hoop featured here uses items from around my parents house along with Christmas decorations.

You will need

  • Assorted ribbon in Christmas colours
  • Jingle bells
  • Embroidery hoop
  • Scissors


1. Cut ribbon to size. I used 100cm of ribbon that was then folded I half and tied in a double knot onto the embroidery hoop like so:

2. Thread on a jingle bell and tie again in a tight double knot. You don’t want your pre-schooler to be able to pull the bells off.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you have filled the bottom section of the hoop. We used 6 pieces of ribbon in total but ours is a fairly large embroidery hoop!

4. Use a large ribbon to hide the screw at the top of the embroidery hoop. However, you could always remove the large outer circle first and avoid the need to cover the screw altogether – I only thought of this after I’d tied all the ribbons on!

Safety first!

Never leave your child unattended with homemade play things. Check the knots before and after play just incase any have come loose.

Some more Christmas ideas from me:


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Easy Peasy Rainbow Rice

Rainbow rice is a wonderful way to introduce sensory play to your toddler. It’s both cheap and easy to make, yet will provide hours of fun. We first started making this with Zoey when she turned one and we felt confident that she wouldn’t just eat the rice! Continue reading Easy Peasy Rainbow Rice

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10 Activities with Playdough

Playdough is our absolute favourite play resource. Its a fantastic sensory tool but without the mess associated with other sensory forms of play.

Now that I’m a mama of three, the playdough is out on a daily basis. So here are 10 invitations to play that all involve playdough… Continue reading 10 Activities with Playdough

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10 sensory bottles to try

Sensory bottles are an absolute winner in our house. They are engaging, easy to make and perhaps most importantly, don’t cause a huge mess like other forms of sensory play.

The bottles featured in this post are all plastic Voss bottles. We personally prefer this brand because they are pretty versatile: you can see clearly through them.

With the exception of the bottle filled with water, it’s important to note that the lids are glued in place. This is because these bottles are intended for babies and toddlers.* Continue reading 10 sensory bottles to try