Spaghetti Sensory

Introducing Sensory Play to little ones…

Sensory play can be an absolute minefield for first time parents. What’s safe? Is the effort worth it? Will there be mess everywhere? One of the classic sensory materials at baby sensory groups is cooked spaghetti which we introduced to Baby E just before he turned one.

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Ball Drop DIY for Tabies

Object Permanence Activity for Tabies

By the time all three of my children hit their first birthday, they were super busy and ‘into everything.’ This of course is great, but also super exhausting! Over the years of observing, I’ve found that you can’t honestly go wrong with a bit of DIY. This object permanence box / posting activity is basically a much, much cheaper version of those fancy Montessori wooden boxes…

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25 Activities for Tabies

The term ‘Taby’ is used to describe a child who is not quite a baby and not quite a toddler yet. A taby is mobile, really curious and may have a few words but can also get frustrated pretty easily as they don’t quite have the capabilities of a toddler. I tend to use this term from the ages of 12 months up to the age of two…

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‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ Sensory Bottles

A fun way to retell the classic Michael Rosen Book

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt is such a classic – I imagine most of you have a copy in your homes! The magical rhythm of the story means it’s on high repeat at ours and Miss 3 loves to reenact the story. One way we do this is with sensory bottles…

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Pine Cone Process Art

A simple idea for Autumn

Don’t you just love Autumn? Or Fall depending on which part of the world you’re in! It is by far my favourite season. With the cooler weather comes more opportunities to get arty outside without the worry of sunburn. Here’s a simple process art idea that you can try with your little ones at home…

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