Spooky Spider Web Craft

Are you looking for a Halloween activity with loads of learning opportunities? Try this web craft. I made this with my son (8) on a slow Sunday afternoon – read on to find out how we did it.

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Hidden Letters

A sensory activity for letter recognition

A letter reveal can be a really fun way of helping little learners with recognition. Whether it be name recognition, phonics or an uppercase / lowercase match, this activity can be applied in a whole host of different ways. Read on to find out how…

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A Tree for all Seasons

A simple felt craft to try.

I created this felt seasonal tree with the help of my eldest so that he could better understand the passing of the seasons. At the time, we were living in Australia where everything felt a little ‘topsy-turvey.’ Read on for some crafty inspiration…

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Treasure Hunt

A fun sensory activity for preschoolers

This whole sensory activity was inspired by the ‘treasure chest’ egg carton! Z (3.6 years) really loves to say ‘x marks the spot’ so we’ve gone slightly pirate themed …

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Attention Span By Age

Have you ever felt like you spend more time preparing an activity than the children spend playing with it? When I was a new mum, I spent so much time and effort creating activities that felt like they were played with for seconds. The prep time and mess clear up took twice as long as the actual play. Read on to find out more details about attention span by age:

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Number Recognition Dot Match

A recognition activity for preschoolers

Can your child count to 10 (or more) easily, but struggle when it comes to recognising numbers? That’s because the two skills are different! Whilst Z (3.8 years) can happily count, she can currently only recognise a few numbers. To work on this, we’ve been doing a fair few recognition activities of late…

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