Beetroot Dyed Play Dough

I was first interested in the idea of naturally dyed play dough after seeing ideas from my dear friend, The Harmony Tree House. I’m pretty much obsessed with this beetroot dough – just LOOK at the colour. Here’s how to make it:

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Color Activities for Preschool

In the first of a series of guest blog posts, Tam from Active Littles has shared with us some fabulous ideas for colour matching activities. Please read on for five ideas to try with your little ones at home…

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Pine Cone Quarry

Sandpit Sensory Play

Many times, sensory play is overthought – there’s the elaborate set ups which are clearly made with love and care, but quite often (or pretty much all the time in our case) It’s the simple ideas that are most engaging…

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21 Sensory Trays to try now…

Take some visual inspiration for your next sensory tray. As always, remember to follow the child when using themes and use what you have – there is no need to go out and buy anything special!

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