An Interview with Zara from Play Tribe

Meet Zara Demeris from Melbourne Australia. Primary School teacher Zara, is the founder of Play Tribe and an educator at Craftercise. We first bonded over our mutual love for turning everyday objects from around the house into play activities. In an Insta perfect world, Zara’s honesty is also really refreshing, so I wanted to find out more about the lady behind Play Tribe…

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Play Space Q&A

how we organise our play space

Recently over on Instagram, I asked the community what questions they most need answering when it comes to organising toys in the home. I felt like some of my answers may end up too long for an Instagram story, so here they are in full…

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Facebook Sharing Groups

Let’s make play a community thing!

If you’ve read my welcome message on the homepage, you’ll know that Teach Investigate Play came about partly due to my loneliness whilst on maternity leave. I have found a wonderful community on Instagram, but i’m also finding the pressure of everything looking perfect a little too much at times – perhaps you find that too?

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