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20 Easter Projects to Try

Stuck for creative projects this Easter? Myself and 19 of my creative sisters are here to help you out! Thanks to the wonderful Little Button Diaries, we took part in the world-wide craft project named hopFEST!

Here’s our contribution: a springtime daffodil wreath. You can find out how to make it by clicking here.



Here’s the hopFEST round-up…

All you need to do is click on the links to get tutorials on each project. Thanks to Bonnie from Make it Your Own for collating all of the projects!

Day 1



Cute Bunny Pillow from Brainy Beginnings Network

Carrot garland from Handy With Scissors

Daffodil wreath from us – you can find the tutorial here!

Spring in a jar by Raising Kinley


Day 2 


Egg Cup Fairy Garden by The Blue Barn 

Naturally dyed eggs by Mie Laerke Rasmussen 

Egg math game by Make it your Own 

Mermaid eggs by Red Ted Art


Day 3 



Paper plate egg basket by Julie Curtin

Easter bonnet by HobbyCraft

Bunny habitat by The Art Garden Blog 

Peter Rabbit travel tin by barley & birch

Day 4


Easter bunny hat by Oh Creative Day

Springtime bouquet by Little Button Diaries

Easter egg batik bags from Babble Dabble Do

Clay pressed flowers by Art Camp LA


Day 5


Bunny photo board by Momma Teaching

Cute bunny printables by Creating Creatives

Easter garden by Heart Art Life

Egg pinata by The Harmony Tree House 

Happy Crafting! We’re a really friendly bunch so why not try some of these crafts and share them by using the hashtag #hop_fest. It would make our day!


Looking for something for younger children?

Try our sensory play activities for toddlers:

Easter Themed Sensory Activities for Toddlers

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Hopfest: Easter Week Egg-stravaganza!



Do you remember all the way back to December when we did Craftmas? Well this is kinda the same and kinda different because now it’s all about Easter and springtime fun! There’s an awesome crew of kick-ass craft ladies involved again, you can find links to the Instagram feed at the end of this post.

We’re Welsh and as daffodils are basically the national flower of Wales AND a springtime flower, we decided to make this beautiful bouquet for you. Being heavily pregnant (at the time of writing this) meant that a simple craft was an absolute necessity this time around. I was also really keen to use recycling as they key element. Something about having another child makes me hyper aware of environmental issues, so we’re really striving to reduce, reuse and recycle materials wherever possible!

So here’s what we made: egg carton daffodils that can be made into a bouquet or presented as a wreath, as shown here:


You will need:

  • An egg carton (ideally for a dozen eggs)
  • Hues of non-toxic acrylics in yellow
  • Green chenille sticks/ pipe cleaners
  • Glue gun and approximately 3 glue cartridges.
  • Ribbon
  • Pompoms
  • Embroidery hoop or cardboard
  • Green felt


Step 1: Paint your egg carton

We used hues of yellow and orange to make the daffodils. We didn’t buy any extra paints, but made the most of what we had in the craft cupboard.

Paint the egg carton in its entirety as you will using all of it to make the daffodils! We decided to paint the whole thing first and then cut out the sections. Afterwards, we added details to the individual cartons.

After cutting, you’ll be able to go back over the carton and add details. Note that you need the smaller, central dividers too!


Step 2: Glue guns at the ready!

Add glue both underneath AND on top to make the stems extra secure.


Grab the larger ‘egg cups’ (seriously, my pregnant brain is struggling to describe these!) and glue green chenille sticks to the underneath of each. Unless you have an older kiddo around, this is best left as an ‘adult job.’ Harrison (aged 8) helped with this part.


Step 3: Assemble your daffodil


I cannot tell you how seriously tempting it is to just write ‘glue the smaller thingy into the larger thingy.’ Thank goodness for photographs! Okay so, place a blob of glue onto the end of the smaller cone shaped sections and place in the middle of the egg cups. You might need to hold them in place for a little while until dry.


Step 4: Arrange prettily


Place in a vase and use as a center-piece on Easter Sunday or give someone special a bunch of ever-lasting Springtime flowers.



Go the full distance and turn the daffodil bouquet into a springtime wreath.

You will need an embroidery hoop, pompoms, green felt, green pompoms and your pre-made daffodils.

For this part, we simply wrapped the stems of the daffodils around the hoop, then glued the flower head in place. To cover over any wooden gaps, we used strips of green felt for petals and pompoms as extra decoration – because when isn’t there a good excuse to use pompoms?

The final result!

I hope the ramblings of a heavily pregnant lady weren’t too off-putting! If you want more ideas please check out the following links:

Before you throw that away…

Simple Mother’s Day Crafts 

To follow along with Hopfest, use the hashtag #hopfest on Instagram or hit ‘like’ on my Facebook feed.




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Simple Bunny Masks

Looking for an alternative to the traditional Easter bonnet? Try this bunny mask instead!

After doing some rather experimental process art with paper plates, we decided to turn them into something Easter themed. We seem to be all about the bunny crafts this year so here is a cute little mask to try at home with your little crafters:



You will need:

  • non-toxic acrylics
  • oil pastels
  • scissors
  • glue gun
  • googly eyes (optional)
  • pompomps
  • craft stick


Step 1 – paint!

bunny mask 5

Start off by painting the paper plate. We actually used up the remaining paint from our Funny Bunnies craft, but you could choose to block paint instead.


Step 2 – details!

bunny mask 4

Once dry, cut off the bottom section of the plate in an arc shape. We then split that arc in two to make the ears.

Oil pastels seemed to work well on top of the dried acrylics, so we used those to add detail to the bunny ears.


Step 3 – glue guns at the ready!

bunny mask 3


We used a glue gun* to attach the ears. For our craft, we also went for pompom cheeks and googly eyes but you could just as easily cut out eye-holes if the mask is to be worn rather than held.

Finally, we added a craft stick (reinforced with tape) for a hand-held mask. My kiddos don’t really like the confines of a worn mask!

*Age depending, this is more of an adult task!

bunny mask 2

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Easter Themed Sensory Activities for Toddlers

Funny Bunnies

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Easter Themed Sensory Activities for Toddlers

Easter already?! Christmas only seems like it was a moment ago but as we can’t resist a good themed activity, here is a round-up of six of our favourite sensory activities for Easter.

As always, please never leave your child unattended during these kinds of play experience. These activities are intended to be something you can do together!


Egg Transfer

split pea tray

We used yellow split peas, feathers, plastic eggs, pompoms and those little bunnies and chicks that you get at this time of year to work on both fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination! Our egg carton was pre-cut after reusing items from a craft, but a large egg box at the side would work well too!

Felt busy bag


We love making busy bags to take along to cafes! Simply cut a piece of A4 sized felt into quarters, then create Easter themed shapes. We just went with Easter eggs, but I reckon building a chick or bunny would look cute too! This is another idea that works on fine motor skills whilst encouraging creativity too.


Digging for Carrots


We painted up some carrot sticks (just paddle pop sticks painted orange) with numbers on the end for a bit of fun number recognition work. Here we used chia seeds as the mud but just use what you have in the house! With older children, you may want to try ordering the numbers too.


Sensory Nest


We had sooo many coloured feathers left over from last year – they made a brilliant gigantic nest for the tuff spot tray. Zoey hunted for the plastic eggs which contained a variety of sensory items. Because the feathers are so beautiful and soft, you may wish to try this as a ‘calm-down’ activity for a fractious little one!


Easter Egg Hunt

pompom eggs

Here is a small scale Easter egg hunt for toddlers, although this one doesn’t feature chocolate! We used a bed of green-dyed rice as ‘grass’ and added in pompoms and plastic eggs to the mix. Zoey used her fine motor scooper to catch the eggs and transfer them into the egg carton. Again, this activity is brilliant for fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. There’s also the opportunity to introduce basic capacity through scooping and pouring.


Sticky eggs!

sticky eggs

Here we reused the eggs from the busy bag, but you could just as easily use paper, card or even those paint chip cards to create an Easter themed sticky craft! I taped contact paper to the window (I had thought it was more transparent than it turned out to be), then let Zoey loose with the pre-cut shapes.  Here is another opportunity for your little one to boost their creativity and perhaps learn more about colours and shapes too!


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Funny Bunnies

If you follow along on Instagram and Facebook, you’ll know that i’m rather heavily pregnant at the moment! I’m due on Easter Monday, so I thought i’d get the Easter themed crafts in a little earlier with the kids this year. As we’re also on a mission to use up as much recycling as possible, we decided to make these rather cute and quirky bunnies:

Who knew toilet rolls could be so versatile?


You will need:

  • Toilet paper tubes
  • Non-toxic acrylics or paint of your choice
  • Chenille sticks/ pipe cleaners
  • Googly eyes
  • Posca pens or marker pens
  • Glue gun/ strong glue/ tape
  • Scissors
  • Stickers

We started off the whole project with some process art:


All we did was squeeze some pastel themed colours into an old cardboard box and roll the toilet paper tubes in them. It took quite a bit of shaking and rolling to cover the tubes completely!

To decorate:

Once the tubes had dried, we used chenille sticks to make the bunny ears. One stick was cut in half and folded over, then glued in place with the help of our trusty glue gun!

Afterwards, we added some googly eyes. Older children can definitely help with this process, but I wouldn’t recommend letting a toddler wield a glue gun!



Finally, the kids let loose with the decoration process. We used Posca pens and stickers in our version:


Did you like this craft? I’d LOVE to see your own version so please tag me into your Instagram or Facebook posts!