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The Craftmas Project

When we were asked by the awesome craft duo, Little Button Diaries to participate in the Craftmas project with a bunch of equally awesome crafters, we didn’t hestitate to say, “Heck, YES!”

If you’re wondering what on earth Craftmas is, here’s a short video from Little Button Diaries YouTube channel

Sounds fun, hey? Read on to find out more about the Craftmas creations…

Polar Bear Snow Globe by Little Button Diaries 

Polar Bear Snow Globe

The LBD craft duo created this gorgeous snow globe featuring a cute little polar bear! For me, part of the magic of Christmas as a child was getting out the snow globes each year. I used to love imagining what was happening inside those small worlds! The craft can be found on Art Camp LA’s website.

Cardboard Christmas Tree Decoration by Creating Creatives


Shelly from Creating Creatives made these wonderfully vibrant tree decorations. Don’t you think they’d look awesome as a centerpiece this Christmas? Plus the pastel colours make a lovely alternative to more traditional Christmas themes. A tutorial can be found on Handy With Scissors website. 

Cute Christmas Pompom Wreath by Teach Investigate Play

The awesome Smocks On team hosted my cute  pompom project over on their brand new website.  Personally, I think that pompoms and googly eyes make the world a much better place!

Kid Made Wrapping Paper by Smocks On


Sara and Cara from Smocks On showed us how to make beautiful kid made wrapping paper. I love that this activity adds a personal touch to gift giving over the festive season. Wouldn’t relatives just be thrilled to get this as part of their Christmas present? The idea was featured over on The Art Garden Blog.

Paint Splattered Gift Boxes by Handy With Scissors

Susie from Handy With Scissors is an absolute creative genius when it comes to re-purposing recycling. She created these gorgeous paint splattered gift boxes by using cereal boxes and other items that would usually be headed for the recycle bin! You can find the idea over on Make It Your Own. 

Reindeer Headband by Oh Creative Day


Shannon from Oh Creative Day  is Queen of the headband and topknot combination so it’s only fitting that she created this festive felt masterpiece. We love them so much that we want to make them for the whole family! The tutorial is over on Hobbycraft’s website.

Time Capsule Ornament by Momma Teaching 

Melissa from Momma Teaching and Smocks On,  showed us how to make lasting memories with a time capsule ornament. Wouldn’t it just be so beautiful revisiting special moments every Christmas? This is definitely a Christmas tradition that we want to introduce! The idea was featured over on Brainy Beginnings Network. 

Winter Tree Scene Shadow Box by The Art Garden

lisa 1

Lisa from The Art Garden makes the most gorgeous nature inspired crafts and this winter tree shadow box is no exception. I just love the colours used because you wouldn’t have to keep this decoration solely for Christmas. You can find the tutorial for her winter shadow box right here on Teach Investigate Play!

Paint Scraped Ornament Garland by Make It Your Own

Finished Garland

Bonnie and her awesome children from Make It Your Own, showed us how to make a paint scraped ornament garland. The best thing about this kind of craft is the fact any age group can join in and have fun! The tutorial can be found on Creating Creatives’ website. 

Felt Holiday Garland by Art Camp LA

NS Garland_14

Arielle from Art Camp LA makes the most beautiful creations. If you’re terrible at sewing like I am, then this is the craft for you because it’s actually a no-sew garland! You can find out how to make her felt holiday garland by visiting Little Button Diaries.

Christmas Light-bulb Characters by Hobbycraft

What happens when a group of 15 rad, creative ladies are united in their love of Christmas craft projects for kids? Craftmas.

Gemma from my favourite UK craft store, Hobbycraft,  created these super sweet light-bulb characters.  Anything that re-purposes unwanted items always gets a huge thumbs up from us! The tutorial is over on Oh Creative Day’s website.

Festive Tree Mobiles by Barley & Birch

 A Modern Layered-Patten Winter Garland (and pattern plates for toddlers!)

Amanda from Barley & Birch created these festive trees, which even includes pattern templates for younger crafters! I think the transparent aspect make this craft extra vibrant and fun. Find out how to make your own by visiting The Harmony Tree House’s sparkly new website.

Christmas Tree Wall Hanging by The Harmony Tree House

Heidi from The Harmony Tree House made this gorgeous wall hanging. I love how Heidi has integrated nature for a beautiful alternative to the more traditional Christmas tree.  The tutorial is over on Smocks On.

Festive Fox Wreath by Brainy Beginnings Network

This adorable DIY salt dough fox wreath is the perfect festive and easy holiday craft to do with kids!

Mary Alice from Brainy Beginnings Network made me want to whip up a fresh batch of salt dough – isn’t this fox  wreath just brilliant? This is another great alternative to more traditional festive offerings. There’s a tutorial for you over on Barley & Birch. 

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Happy crafting! x

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Cute Christmas Pompom Wreath!

It’s Craaaaaftmas!


I probably love the Christmas build-up more than I love the big day itself, so when Little Buttons Diaries asked me to get involved with the Craftmas project, I didn’t hesitate to say yes!

I’ve gotta say, my craft sessions are usually totally random and unplanned, so actually putting thought into the project had me all of a dither! For the first time in a long time, I actually stuck to my original idea so here I present to you a Cute Christmas Pompom Wreath…

You will need: 


  • A piece of cardboard that will be cut into an ‘o’ shape.
  • Low temp glue gun
  • Glue refills (around 5)
  • Sharp scissors
  • Felt in a variety of Christmas colours
  • Craft knife
  • Variety of pompoms in Christmas colours
  • Christmas ribbon
  • Googly eyes (if you want to make it super cute!)
  • Chenille sticks/ pipe cleaners

Step 1: Cut the cardboard base


Cut part of a cardboard box into a ‘O’ shape using a sharp craft knife – this part is definitely a ‘grown-up’ job! Don’t stress if the cut isn’t perfect as it’ll all be covered up with the pompoms anyway.

Step 2: Get gluing! 


This is the most time consuming part so if you have a tween or teen around, this is an ideal one for them to get involved with!

Be mindful of the fact that ‘low temp glue gun’ does not make it any less burny if you accidentally get some on your fingers – which is why it’s best to be super careful if younger children are joining in.

Step 3: Check your work


Once you’ve filled the entire circle, gently pull off the gluey ‘spider webs.’ Double check that the wreath is covered from all angles and add more pompoms if needed. Approximately 150 green pompoms were used to make this wreath, using a special Christmas pack from Riot Art and Crafts.

Step 4: Time to get your felt on! 


Play around with a few different iconic Christmas images to see what works best on your wreath. Featured above is our final pieces, but we also considered a reindeer, Santa and a snowman too – keep it simple if the kids are joining in!

Once the felt is cut, try blinging it up with some glittery chenille sticks and pompoms. Glue everything together with the help of that trusty glue gun. You may also want to add googly eyes for that silly/ cute factor…



Step 5: Placement 


Test where the felt pieces will go first. We found that the Christmas tree and stocking looked better along the vertical sides, for example. The glue sticks super fast so you don’t want to ruin your amazing craft by attempting to re-stick!

Step 6: Finishing touches


Glue a Christmassy ribbon to the reverse of the wreath, then stand back and admire your amazing handiwork!

I hope that you all have an amazing Christmas with your family and friends. If you decide to make crafts part of the festivities, do tag me in. I absolutely LOVE it when you share your ideas and if you decide to make your own pompom wreath, send me a photo!

Sian x

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Guest Post: Winter Shadow Box

Christmas means CRAFTS for us, so it has been my absolute privilege to be involved with the Craftmas project this year. Let me introduce you to Lisa Johnson from The Art Garden. Lisa is a former elementary art teacher turned stay-at-home-mum who makes the most beautiful creations. You can find out more about Lisa and her work by visiting her website, but for now please read on so that you can recreate this absolutely gorgeous Winter Shadow box.

Take it away, Lisa… 


lisa 1

Hello and Happy Holidays! I’m Lisa, from The Art Garden, and Sian has invited me over to share an easy holiday craft with you all. My two daughters and I love nature inspired art projects so we created a winter tree shadow box featuring some simple triangle trees.

This is a fun project that children of all ages, as well as adults, can make! These lovely winter scenes will look great mixed in with your holiday decor so dig around in your recycling bin or pantry and grab a cardboard box for this easy project!

You will need: 

lisa 2

  • A small cardboard box (such as a shoe or food box)
  • Scrapbook paper in a variety of patterns
  • Old book pages
  • Mod Podge or another medium for sealing
  • White and silver paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Toothbrush
  • Yarn and lace
  • Glue
  • Jewels
  • Clear tape

Step 1: Find some suitable boxes…

lisa 3.JPG

We started this project by going through our stash of saved boxes and selected which ones we thought would work best. We wanted to work on a fairly small scale so we chose the ones that were kid’s shoe boxes and small packages that had come in the mail (with the flaps cut off). If your box has shipment labels, you may want to remove them first and paint over any text or logos.

Step 2: Collage…

Old book pages are fun to incorporate into your art for an interesting texture or pattern. You can find any old book from a second hand store, garage sale, or even those phone books that get delivered on your doorstep that no one uses anymore!

We tore some pages out of an old encyclopedia and collaged the background and sides with Mod Podge, a common waterbase sealer. Any mat medium or sealer would do.

Step 3: Paint…

lisa 6.JPG

When our Mod Podge was dry we flicked some white and silver tempera onto our background for a snowy effect. Simply take a toothbrush (or a stiff bristle paintbrush) and scrape your thumb along the edge over and over to make little specks of paint.

Step 4: Cut out background details…

lisa 7.JPG

While we waited for our flicked paint to dry, we began making our other details such as our snowy hill and trees. We traced our box onto some white paper to help us measure our background and cut out our snowy hills.

Step 5: Cut triangle shaped trees…

lisa 8

We selected some fun patterned paper for our trees and cut out several different sizes of triangles. We left enough space on our triangles to fold a small tab. We also cut notches in the corners so the tab wouldn’t show when it was glued down.

Step 6: Make a jewel sky…

lisa 9.JPG

Our winter scene wouldn’t be complete without a little bling for our sky so we added some hanging jewels for stars and a shimmery moon. We cut out a moon shape and painted it with silver paint and then glued our jewels to some thin yarn.

Step 7: Assemble the details…

The final step is assembling all of the details once everything is dry. We glued our snowy hill and trees down then hung our stars and moon to the top by sticking them down with some clear tape.

Step 8: Add lace detail…

lisa 12

To clean up our rough edges of our cardboard box, we glued some lace and yarn along the sides.

The finished result…

lisa 1

And that’s it! I hope you’ll give this craft a try and if you love nature inspired projects head on over to for more ideas and check out out my instagram account @theartgardenblog.

Be sure to stay tuned for more holiday ideas in this fun Craftmas collection to keep you and your littles busy creating this holiday season!

Happy Holidays,


Lisa’s beautiful Winter Shadow Box was created as part of the Christmas Craftmas project. You can find out more about the awesome bloggers involved by visiting our Instagram or Facebook pages.  Next head on over to the brand new Smocks On website for another Christmas craft idea!

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Three Ideas for Winter Themed Play

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know that we love, love, LOVE messy play. Zoey has reached the stage where toddler tantrums are on the rise and the calming effect messy (or sensory) play has on her is instantaneous. If you’re in a similar boat to me, give these ideas a try…

Winter Wonderland 

winter wonderland 4.jpg

Using our trusty tuff spot tray, we recreated a beautiful winter village complete with a family of reindeer. For the snow we used a combination of:

  • uncooked rice
  • flour
  • white tinsel confetti
  • cotton balls
  • pompoms

It was messy and it was wonderful because it occupied both children for ages! Definitely check out your local craft store for accessories such as the trees and wooden houses (which are actually tree decorations). We usually wait until the seasonal stuff goes on sale, so there’s a pro tip for you!

Shaving Foam Snow



This is such an easy option! Not only is it relatively quick to clean up (especially if you were to set it up in the sink) you don’t need a heap of resources either. For our version, we used:

  • Sensitive shaving foam (better for young skin)
  • Peppermint essence for a nice Christmassy feel.
  • Silver stars
  • An assortment of toy animals that would be at home in the snow and ice!

Not only does this set up have a calming effect, but it also smells so lovely too!

Polar Bear Rescue


So this option might depend on where in the world you live! As we’re in Australia and dealing with 30c days (it’s still officially Spring), this play idea comes as a welcome relief! To recreate this at home, simply put some miniature polar bears, or  animal of your choice, into a bowl of water and leave to freeze overnight.

Prior to play, leave the bowl to thaw out a little to remove the icy dome. This will take between 30 minutes and an hour so a little patience is needed!

This actually turned into a nice little STEAM based activity for my eldest too. He loved trying to figure out what would make the ice melt quickest. It’s always such a major win for me when activities can bridge the 6.5 year age gap!

Happy playing!

Sian x

As always, I love seeing your versions of these ideas so please tag me in on either Facebook or Instagram! 

For more reasons on why you should embrace the mess, check out the blog post ‘Why Mess is Best.’

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Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

You might’ve gathered by now that we absolutely LOVE a good pompom craft! After going a little crazy with packs of Christmas themed pompoms recently, we really had to put them to good use! Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is one of our favourite Christmas songs, so we decided to make a door decoration in his honor!

If you also have far too many pompoms or want to go out and buy far too many pompoms, here’s our photo guide to making Rudolph. This is such a great activity for slightly older children or ‘tweens.’ My 8 year old was in his element…

You will need:

reindeer 2.jpg

  • Cardboard (for face, ears and antlers)
  • Coffee cup lid
  • Brown pompoms – we used approximately 160 of various shapes and sizes.
  • Red pompoms – around 20 should do the trick!
  • Googly eyes
  • Gold or brown paint
  • Christmas ribbon
  • Chenille sticks / pipe cleaners in gold or brown
  • Low temp glue gun
  • Glue stick refills – around 5, depending on the size
  • Craft knife
  • Scissors

Step 1:

Cut some cardboard into an oval shape (the hole in ours was already there, so don’t worry about that part!) Then use a glue gun to fix a coffee cup lid in place as the nose – this is so Rudolph’s nose sticks out from the rest of his face!

reindeer 3

Step 2:

Affix brown pompoms with the help of a glue gun. If you have an older child in your house, get them involved – my 8 year old does love to use the glue gun!*

reindeer 6.jpg

Step 3:

Once you have filled the face with brown pompoms, use the reds to cover the coffee cup lid. Rudolph should be starting to take shape now!

reindeer 8.jpg

Step 4:

Now it’s time for our all time favourite craft resource, the googly eye! Well, you’ll obviously need two of them unless you want to go for an alternative ‘Cyclops Rudolph’ look!

reindeer 9.jpg

Step 5:

Cut out teardrop shaped cardboard pieces for the ears and glue the pointy end to the back of Rudolph’s head.

reindeer 10.jpg

Step 6:

Cover the ears in yet more brown pompoms!

reindeer 11.jpg

Step 7:

Use a craft knife to cut out cardboard antler shapes*.

reindeer 12

Step 8:

Paint the antlers gold or brown and leave to dry. We opted for a sponge brush to create a slightly stippled look. Once dry, you can opt to decorate with chenille sticks (as shown in the cover image).

reindeer 13


Step 9:

Attach antlers to the back of Rudolph’s head.

reindeer 14


Step 10:

Fix a ribbon to the reverse of your Rudolph so that you can hang him up on a door or even the wall. Then stand back and admire your awesome creation!

reindeer 15


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*Even with older children, please always be mindful of safety. I remind Harrison every time not to touch the glue itself as even though our glue gun is supposed to be low temperature, it still really stings if you accidentally get burnt! In our house, we also consider the use of the craft knife to be very much an ‘grown-up’ job too.