10 Days of Baby Play

A free e-book to download

This originally took the format of a 10 day Instagram course along with a subscriber exclusive e-book. To celebrate the recent branding overhaul, the newly revamped designed is now available. Just click on the link below to download.


10 sensory bottles to try

Simple sensory play to try with babies and toddlers

Sensory bottles are an absolute winner in our house. They are engaging, easy to make and perhaps most importantly, don’t cause a huge mess like other forms of sensory play.

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15 ideas for tummy time

Ideas to help make tummy time easier…

The very early days and months with baby are HARD. You’re tired and your bub will probably sleep a lot but almost definitely not at night. The midwives and healthcare visitors will encourage you to do ‘tummy time’ but that’s sometimes easier said than done.

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Valentine’s Day Paint Squish Bag

It can be really tough to paint with babies – most paints aren’t suitable for the under threes, but if you just use edible options all the time, then you are never left with a lasting piece of artwork! The answer? Paint squish bags! Read on to find out more…

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