• Baby,  Early Primary,  Preschool,  Toddler

    Attention Span By Age

    Have you ever felt like you spend more time preparing an activity than the children spend playing with it? When I was a new mum, I spent so much time and effort creating activities that felt like they were played with for seconds. The prep time and mess clear up took twice as long as the actual play. Read on to find out more details about attention span by age: Advertisements

  • 10-12months,  Baby,  Taby Play

    Washi Tape Pull

    Dinner prep can be hard with a mobile baby in tow – they inevitably want to be with you all the time, but it is of course, super dangerous to have a baby pulling at your legs whilst you are cooking. We tend to put E in his highchair during dinner prep and this washi tape pull goes down a treat…

  • 10-12months,  Baby,  Taby Play

    Paddle Pop Pull

    Tabies (children aged between 1 -2) are known for their super busy nature. It can be really hard to occupy them for longer than a minute. Activities that spike curiosity are great for this age group, Take this paddle pop pull for example, it’s just perfect for curious little ones who have started to explore the world.