Mog Paper Plate Craft

An idea for book week celebrations

Judith Kerr will always be my favourite author. I was devastated to learn that she had passed away earlier this year. Her work is iconic and brings back so many childhood memories for me. All three of my children have loved the Mog series, so it made sense to make Z a Mog mask for Book Week a few years ago…

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Coral Reef Process Art Activity

An activity for mini artists

When Z was very small, we used to do huge messy art projects together and they were awesome! Here she is at 18 months, getting fully stuck into some process art with bubble wrap and non-toxic acrylic paints. Going back through the old photographs has made me realise that I really need to get stuck into more adventurous art projects with E who is 16 months…

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Meet Jenni from Creative Play Ideas

Meet Jennifer Low from Auckland, New Zealand. She is an Early Childhood Home Educator¬† with two children aged 5 and 16 months. Read on as we talk unconventional materials for play and the educational style that influences Jennifer most…

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Sensory Play: How to deal with the Mess!

5 tips to help make the clean-up easier.

I genuinely believe that young explorers need to go through the messy stage of experimentation before being capable of playing in a ‘tidy’ manner. Here’s a few pointers to get you started if your little one is brand new to sensory play…

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Orange Scented Play Dough

This play dough smells truly delicious! Its seriously easy to make, even with little ones helping out, and can work for summer, autumn or even Christmas time themes. Read on to find out how to make it…

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