Play Space Q&A

how we organise our play space

Recently over on Instagram, I asked the community what questions they most need answering when it comes to organising toys in the home. I felt like some of my answers may end up too long for an Instagram story, so here they are in full…

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Tutti-Frutti Cloud Dough

A ‘taste- safe’ recipe to try

Now that Baby E is, well, not really a baby anymore, I have been keen to try out some ‘taste-safe’ recipes with him. Creating activities that both Mr 1 and Miss 3 can enjoy isn’t always easy, but it does also mean that I don’t have to create two separate things, equalling less tidy up time – always an incentive in my eyes! This ‘Tutti-Frutti’ cloud dough fit the bill perfectly because all three ingredients pass the taste-safe test…

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Play Dough with no added salt

A recipe with no added salt to try with little learners!

Recently in The Creative Play Hub Toddler and Preschool group, we have been discussing the vast benefits of play dough. During that discussion, we talked about being wary of using play dough with tabies (not quite babies, not quite toddlers) or young toddlers who were still mouthing everything in sight.

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Reflections on parenting

In May, my eldest son turns TEN! I can hardly believe that I’ve been a parent for one whole decade. That is a pretty scary thought and makes me feel kinda old! I’ve learnt a lot over that time period and made a fair few mistakes along the way so I thought I’d share some of my main reflections after being a parent for the last 10 years.

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Books from Day One

the importance of reading from birth.

“When I say to a parent, “read to a child”, I don’t want it to sound like medicine. I want it to sound like chocolate.” 

Mem Fox, Reading Magic
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