Egg Carton Abacus

An early numeracy activity to try

If you have a toddler or preschooler at home, you’ve probably come to the conclusion already that counting by rote, 1:1 correspondence and recognising numbers do not go hand in hand. In short, it can all be a pretty complex process…

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Gourd Geoboard

An early math activity to try

Every single Autumn, I go a little overboard on buying pumpkins. I recently bought a huge basket from the local florist and so i’ve been figuring out ways to use them. The husband would prefer it if I actually just cooked them – but where’s the fun in that? I’ve seen these pumpkin geoboards many times on Pinterest so thought i’d give one a go!

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Pollock Inspired Pumpkin Process Art

A messy paint session to try this Autumn!

When we lived in Canberra, we regularly visited Jackson Pollock’s Blue Poles at the National Gallery of Australia. Inspired by this, we got very messy to make some Pollock inspired process art.

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Meet Clare from Tiny Steps Make Big Strides

Meet Clare Wood from Tiny Steps Make Big Strides. She is the owner of a literacy clinic in Perth, Western Australia. She also makes awesome literacy resources and blogs about all things early literacy in her spare time. Keep on reading for some brilliant advice on learning to read, teaching spellings and the key lingo of the minefield that is phonics!

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