Teach Investigate Play is a learning hub dedicated to promoting a playful, creative approach to learning in the early years.

As a primary school teacher and mum of three, I know how challenging the early years can be. Let me help you with achievable ideas and activities using everyday, familiar materials. Play is the ultimate tool for learning development -hands-on, practical activities is what the first years of a child’s life should be about.

I truly believe that play doesn’t have to be complicated or costly to have value. I’ve come to this viewpoint after making all the mistakes in the book: buying too many ‘educational’ (read noisy) toys when H was little, then buying too many wooden toys thereafter.⁣

I’ve made elaborate small worlds that we’re barely touched or gone out and bought items just to suit a weekly themes.⁣ When it comes to the social media aspect of education, you’ve sometimes just got to take a step back and think about the WHY. Are you setting up an activity for the children or to get likes on Instagram? If you want to share ideas without the pressure of making it look pretty in a photograph, check out The Creative Play Hub.

Instagram is a wonderful place for inspiration, but you can also get sucked in. That’s why we started @everydayplayhacks – it kinda proves that you don’t need all the stuff for meaningful play.⁣ Follow along on Instagram so that you can see thousands of amazing ideas using items readily found at home.

It’s always my mission to reuse items in a variety of ways and only buy toys that can have multiple, open-ended uses.⁣ Follow along here, or sign up to my newsletter to get weekly inspiration, featuring ideas that will suit any theme that your little one is currently fascinated by.