Hidden Letters

A letter reveal can be a really fun way of helping little learners with recognition. Whether it be name recognition, phonics or an uppercase / lowercase match, this activity can be applied in a whole host of different ways. Read on to find out how…

You will need

  • A muffin pan
  • Letters (ours were very kindly gifted by Happi Crafts)
  • Rainbow rice – you can find a recipe here.
  • Fine motor tools e.g tweezers or tongs.

Age recommendations

You can try the letter reveal from around 2.5 years to 3. I would suggest starting it as a name recognition activity first before moving on to the other suggestions mentioned below. For reference, Z is 3.8 years old.

What to do:

To set up, simply place the letters into the pan first, then pour the rice on top. This time around, we chose the letters that are already familiar to Miss 3.8 – these included the letters in her name and the first letter of her siblings names. Each time she scooped a letter out with the tweezers, she said the letter name and sound.

Variations on the Activity:

  • Phonics phase sounds – match to a picture or flashcard e.g. S for Sun.
  • Spellings (unscramble the word)
  • Letter match – with flashcards
  • Alphabet unscramble – place the letters in alphabetic order
  • Name unscramble – find your name and place in order.
  • Uppercase / lowercase match – find the pairs.

Key Benefits:

  • Sensory play:hands-on activities such as this help develop the brain’s neural pathways. It helps that little ones can feel the letters rather than just see them on the page of a worksheet.
  • Hand-eye coordination: picking up the intended letter with the tongs
  • Fine motor skills and hand-strength: using the tongs and picking up the letters.
  • Crossing the mid-line: collecting the letter, then placing it on the tray. (Z is right- handed so I deliberately put the tray to her left)
  • Early literacy: recognising letters

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If you want to try this activity at a later date, i’ve created this handy graphic so you can pop it on Pinterest!

About Happi Crafts

Happi Crafts is run by the incredibly talented and creative, Roshelle. She created Happi Crafts so that parents could spend quality time with their children and have long-lasting happy memories. Her ideas and creations are rainbow bright and super fun. Roshelle very kindly gifted me the set of letters that feature in the activity – you can find out more about Happi Crafts via the following links:



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