Pumpkin Name Recognition

It’s the season for all things Halloween, so why not make the most of the influx of pumpkins with some hands-on activities?

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, this is actually the same pumpkin that we used for the Gourd Geoboard – the brilliant thing about pumpkins is that they are super durable and last ages, even with some holes!

You Will Need:

  • Pumpkin
  • Black marker pen
  • Dot stickers or dot markers

What to do:

Write a selection of names on the pumpkin. As this was done at home, I opted to write all of the family names.

Write the letters of your child’s name onto the dot stickers for them to apply over the top of the name written on the pumpkin

For Z (aged 3.8) this was pretty self explanatory as we’ve done plenty of name recognition activities before. Start by asking the question, ‘Can you find your name?’ or ‘What letter does your name start with?’

If you have older children, you could even try asking them to find the other names on the pumpkin too. Z, for example, knows the initial letter of her brothers’ names so as an extension another time, we might try spotting the other names too!

This activity lasted for approximately 10 minutes before she started randomly applying the stickers. This is all okay, it’s never a good idea to force an activity beyond their attention span. The good thing about this one is that we can repeat again another day as the stickers come off the pumpkin easily too.

Key Benefits

  • Boosting fine motor skills and pincer grip by peeling off the stickers
  • Early introduction to letter and name recognition
  • Sensory experience from the feel of the pumplin
  • Language development / phonological awareness- talking about the sounds each letter makes

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