Mog Paper Plate Craft

An idea for book week celebrations

Judith Kerr will always be my favourite author. I was devastated to learn that she had passed away earlier this year. Her work is iconic and brings back so many childhood memories for me. All three of my children have loved the Mog series, so it made sense to make Z a Mog mask for Book Week a few years ago…

You will need:

  • A paper plate (we used a small one for Z who was around 18 months at the time)
  • Non-toxic acrylics in pink, white, gold and black
  • School glue
  • Sponge dabber
  • collage scraps in white, pink and yellow
  • Paintbrushes
  • Scissors
  • Paint palette

What to do:

  1. Present the colours needed in the paint palette.
  2. Cut out triangle ears and long rectangular whiskers
  3. Sponge on the grey (we mixed black and white) with the sponge dabber to make more of a ‘fur’ effect on the plate, ‘ears’ and ‘whiskers’.
  4. Once dry, add accents of pink and gold with the sponge dabber.
  5. Whilst you’re waiting for everything to dry, cut out the features from scrap collage materials. We did yellow circles for the eyes, a pink heart for the nose and a white oval shape for the mouth – it doesn’t need to look perfect!
  6. Use school glue or a glue gun to fix the features onto the plate.
  7. Optional – attach a paddle pop stick to the bottom of the mask.

Due to Z’s age at the time (18 months), she helped me with the painty part of the project, whilst I did the rest. A older child would also be able to help out with the cutting and sticking. Depending on fine motor skill development, i’d recommend from 2.5 years plus.

For our version, I just left the plate as it was with no paddle pop stick to create a true mask. Again, this was because of Z’s age. She just loved exploring the features and putting it to her face though. For an older child, you could cut holes for the eyes and use elastic to make a wearable mask.

Cute, isn’t it?

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