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Let’s make play a community thing!

If you’ve read my welcome message on the homepage, you’ll know that Teach Investigate Play came about partly due to my loneliness whilst on maternity leave. I have found a wonderful community on Instagram, but i’m also finding the pressure of everything looking perfect a little too much at times – perhaps you find that too?

The aim of my Facebook groups is to share ideas and activities within a friendly group of parents and educators. There’s two groups to choose from, the ‘baby and taby’ group or the ‘toddler and preschool’ group. Choose one or both – just click the links!

Baby and Taby Group

The 10 Days of Baby Play will officially launch over on the Baby and Taby group on the 6th May 2019. After that date, baby development – along with ideas for each stage , will be focused on each week within the group.

Whether you are a parent or educator, come along and join us. I really want it to be a community effort where ideas are shared and burning questions answered!

Toddler and Preschool group

The Toddler and Preschool group will also launch officially on the 6th May 2019. After a discussion within the group, weekly themes were decided upon. The themes have been kept broad so that they are super easy to join in with.

Choose to play along in real time or share activities you have already done as inspiration for the group. There is absolutely no pressure for the photos to look perfect so do join us!


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