‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ Sensory Bottles

A fun way to retell the classic Michael Rosen Book

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt is such a classic – I imagine most of you have a copy in your homes! The magical rhythm of the story means it’s on high repeat at ours and Miss 3 loves to reenact the story. One way we do this is with sensory bottles…

This activity really captured the imaginations of my youngest two children. Miss 3 loved retelling the story with the bottles, whilst Mr 12 months enjoyed exploring the (sealed) contents. The beauty of the sensory bottles is that they can be brought out regularly to use with the story again.


Chenille sticks for grass⁣
Cocoa for mud⁣
Blue Ribbon for water⁣
White pompoms for snow⁣
Paddle pop sticks for the forest⁣

I also added in some Happyland Figures that suited the story along with a dog and bear figurine, all presented within a basket.

As always, don’t go out and buy anything specifically for an activity – just use whatever you have to hand at home.⁣

Want more?

Over on IGTV, you can view a video rundown of this activity that I posted a few months ago. There’s also heaps of bookish play activities over on my Instagram too.⁣

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