Practical Life Activities: Making Juice

A real world sensory play activity

Over recent months, I have noticed that Miss 3 has started to gradually move away from more typical ‘messy’ sensory play activities, preferring instead to undertake practical tasks. This watermelon and orange juice we made with the citrus juicer really appealed to her.

For the last few morning’s we’ve had watermelon for breakfast. Z (3) really enjoyed eating the melon, then squishing it so I decided to bring out the juicer for her to explore further.


It turned out to be a great activity for a few reasons:

It promotes healthy eating: try with fussy eaters to help them explore foods
Using the juicer develops hand and wrist strength.
Removing the seeds uses pincer grip
Uses the 5 senses

You can view the video I made of this activity on IGTV.

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