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Discovery Table Week 10: Our City

We made it to week 10! At the time of writing this, still no baby but hopefully it wont be long now! This is the final post in the Discovery Table Series on the website, however if you follow us on Instagram and Facebook, we will still be changing the table each week.

This time around, we’ve chosen the city as our theme. Zoey has taken a real interest in both building and cars recently so we decided to combine the two!


What’s on the table this week?

This rather futuristic cityscape was another weekend project of ours. Both kids loved being involved with making this out of old IKEA boxes – there’s a separate blog post on the process coming soon.



As you can see, this table is slightly on the sparse side in comparison to previous tables, however this is kind of the point of the discovery series. We’re always just using what we have rather than buying brand new resources! You might’ve noticed that Grimm’s products have featured rather heavily throughout and that’s because they have so much playability!

Grimm’s building blocks and rainbow people have regularly featured in the discovery table series. They are well worth the investment in my opinion!

We don’t have many books based on cities, but ‘Lots’ by Marc Martin more than makes up for it. Ordinarily, I would also squeeze in a library visit too but I haven’t been able to drive as much recently due to pregnancy related issues. If you have a local library near you, I would heartily suggest you support it!



This wooden car garage play-set from Tiger Tribe is a big hit with the kids and we often take it on holiday. For our cityscape, it’s been placed on the play-mat – so far its been the most played with item!


Finally, we added in some of Harrison’s massive toy vehicle selection to complete the table!


Want more?

So that’s it – the end of the 10 week discovery table series! I’ll be sad not to write about it every week, but my time will be rather taken up with a brand new baby for the next few weeks. Rest assured they will continue in real life and you will be able to see our progress and get inspiration from our Instagram and Facebook posts instead.

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