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Discovery Table Week 8: Zoo!

We absolutely love going to the zoo. In fact, we have an annual membership to the National Zoo here in Canberra! For toddlers, there’s something so fascinating and exotic about zoo creatures.

So what’s on the table this week?

As always, this is about using what we have rather than going out and buying new items. We’ve found this to be a pretty great way to do themed rotations of toys. Every time a new table is introduced, older toys gain a fresh, new appeal!


An invitation to build a zoo!

zoo 2.jpg
A basket of Grimm’s blocks and another filled with animals gave the kids the chance to design their own zoo. This activity is great for fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination too.


Dear Zoo story basket

zoo 3.jpg
Now Zoey is a little older, she loves story baskets! Our latest is based on Dear Zoo. Wherever possible, we try to combine a story basket with our theme, but it does depend on the resources we have!

Additional Books:

zoo 4.jpg
Whilst we have rather a lot of animal themed books, I stuck to just a few to avoid overwhelming Zoey. These simple board books are some of our favourites!


Jungle background:

zoo 5.jpg
The colourful green background was a jungle themed craft we made last year. It’s brilliant for small world play so we’ve used it as part of our ‘build a zoo’ invitation. Its made from cardboard, egg cartons and chenille sticks!


Want more?

These posts are just for inspiration – your own discovery tables may look completely different based on your own child’s interests and the resources you have at home. We’re almost at the end of this 10 week series, so here’s a link to the previously featured tables:

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