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Simple Bunny Masks

Looking for an alternative to the traditional Easter bonnet? Try this bunny mask instead!

After doing some rather experimental process art with paper plates, we decided to turn them into something Easter themed. We seem to be all about the bunny crafts this year so here is a cute little mask to try at home with your little crafters:



You will need:

  • non-toxic acrylics
  • oil pastels
  • scissors
  • glue gun
  • googly eyes (optional)
  • pompomps
  • craft stick


Step 1 – paint!

bunny mask 5

Start off by painting the paper plate. We actually used up the remaining paint from our Funny Bunnies craft, but you could choose to block paint instead.


Step 2 – details!

bunny mask 4

Once dry, cut off the bottom section of the plate in an arc shape. We then split that arc in two to make the ears.

Oil pastels seemed to work well on top of the dried acrylics, so we used those to add detail to the bunny ears.


Step 3 – glue guns at the ready!

bunny mask 3


We used a glue gun* to attach the ears. For our craft, we also went for pompom cheeks and googly eyes but you could just as easily cut out eye-holes if the mask is to be worn rather than held.

Finally, we added a craft stick (reinforced with tape) for a hand-held mask. My kiddos don’t really like the confines of a worn mask!

*Age depending, this is more of an adult task!

bunny mask 2

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