Easter Themed Sensory Activities

that are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers!

Easter already?! Christmas only seems like it was a moment ago but as we can’t resist a good themed activity, here is a round-up of six of our favourite sensory activities for Easter.

As always, please never leave your child unattended during these kinds of play experience. These activities are intended to be something you can do together!

Egg Transfer

split pea tray

We used yellow split peas, feathers, plastic eggs, pompoms and those little bunnies and chicks that you get at this time of year to work on both fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination! Our egg carton was pre-cut after reusing items from a craft, but a large egg box at the side would work well too!

Felt busy bag


We love making busy bags to take along to cafes! Simply cut a piece of A4 sized felt into quarters, then create Easter themed shapes. We just went with Easter eggs, but I reckon building a chick or bunny would look cute too! This is another idea that works on fine motor skills whilst encouraging creativity too.

Digging for Carrots


We painted up some carrot sticks (just paddle pop sticks painted orange) with numbers on the end for a bit of fun number recognition work. Here we used chia seeds as the mud but just use what you have in the house! With older children, you may want to try ordering the numbers too.

Sensory Nest


We had sooo many coloured feathers left over from last year – they made a brilliant gigantic nest for the tuff spot tray. Zoey hunted for the plastic eggs which contained a variety of sensory items. Because the feathers are so beautiful and soft, you may wish to try this as a ‘calm-down’ activity for a fractious little one!

Easter Egg Hunt

pompom eggs

Here is a small scale Easter egg hunt for toddlers, although this one doesn’t feature chocolate! We used a bed of green-dyed rice as ‘grass’ and added in pompoms and plastic eggs to the mix. Zoey used her fine motor scooper to catch the eggs and transfer them into the egg carton. Again, this activity is brilliant for fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. There’s also the opportunity to introduce basic capacity through scooping and pouring.

Sticky eggs!

sticky eggs

Here we reused the eggs from the busy bag, but you could just as easily use paper, card or even those paint chip cards to create an Easter themed sticky craft! I taped contact paper to the window (I had thought it was more transparent than it turned out to be), then let Zoey loose with the pre-cut shapes.  Here is another opportunity for your little one to boost their creativity and perhaps learn more about colours and shapes too!

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  1. […] Easter Themed Sensory Activities for Toddlers […]

  2. […] Easter Themed Sensory Activities for Toddlers […]

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