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Discovery Table Week 6: Nature

As the weeks roll on, we’re definitely getting into a bit of a groove with our discovery tables. Both kids enjoy the introduction of new items each week and we’re finding that items are played with way more than if they were just stuck in the toy boxes.

Online, I intend to make this a 10 week series, but we will definitely be carrying it on for much longer in real life! With a new baby on the way next month, I need to be realistic about my work schedule.

What’s on the table this week?

As always, we have a collection of books and toys from our collection as well as a tray of nature finds to play with. You’ll find more details on the captions below:

As soon as the new table is introduced, Zoey wants to explore!
A variety of books for both the big kid and the little kid!


Grimm’s pebbles and mushrooms along with some animal figurines in a basket.


This Le Toy Van stacking puzzle offers an element of problem solving for our little learner.


A basket of nature finds to explore. 


Learning Opportunities

A wonder garden in miniature helped language development in a fun and engaging way. 

Exploring nature provides the opportunity for little learners to investigate the world around them. Link the nature theme with trips to the forest, local nature reserve or even the back garden to aid sensory exploration.


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Posted on 4 Comments

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  1. […] Discovery Table Week 6: Nature […]

  2. […] Discovery Table Week 6: Nature […]

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