Discovery Table Week 3: The Tiger Who Came to Tea

It’s Valentine’s week and I thought about creating a Love themed table, but honestly, I just don’t think it would engage Zoey (2) right now. Instead, I thought i’d focus on one of our most-loved stories instead: The Tiger Who Came to Tea by the legendary Judith Kerr (who also just so happens to be my favourite children’s author)

But this isn’t all about me, this is about engaging in Zoey’s interests! If you’re not sure what this series is for, check back on the previous posts Baby Clinic and The Alphabet which will explain in  more detail. Thankfully, Zoey loves The Tiger Who Came to Tea just as much as I do, plus the items on this week’s Discovery Table are right up her street!

What’s on the Table?


Remember, the point of this series is to rotate toys and use what we have around the house. The items shown will hopefully provide you with inspiration to use what you have – please don’t go out and buy toys especially for a theme!


Kmart Tea Set


I both love and loathe Kmart. One of the things I most definitely love is wooden toy sets at accessible prices. Also featured here are a Collecta tiger, IKEA felt cakes, homemade salt dough cookies, a fisher price tea pot and cups from a MacDonald’s Happy Meal!

Various Play Foods


Whenever I buy toys for Zoey, I like to make sure that they have ‘playability.’ I tend to aim for items that can be used in a range of scenarios – play food is perfect for so many role play activities from playing ‘shops’ to creating a cafe.

In the photo, you can see a sandwich making set by Bello toys and a felt shopping basket from IKEA.

Story Basket


I love creating story baskets for Zoey – there will be another series of posts coming soon! Here we used the board book – mainly because it is more compact and durable! A cuddly tiger, a small dolly and part of the Kmart tea set.


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