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Slime recipe

Struggling for ideas this weekend due to the weather being too hot/rainy/cold? (circle weather type applicable to your part of the world) Slime is a really cool experiment that you can make using ingredients from around your house. Whilst its super messy, slime is also heaps of STEAM based fun too!

This is a borax free version of slime, so you wont end up with a putty.  That being said, we have discovered that if you leave it in a mason jar for long enough, it will turn into a solid substance not dissimilar to play dough!

You will need: 

  • 250g cornflour
  • 60ml shampoo
  • Warm water (for consistency)
  • Food colouring.
Ready to go with all the ingredients!

Please note that whilst none of the ingredients listed are poisonous, it is best not to try this with very young children susceptible to putting items in their mouths.


1. Measure out 250g cornflour

2. Add 60ml of shampoo and mix together

3. Slowly add some water

4. Mix again, lift the spoon out of the bowl to check. You will want it to be runny.

5. Finally add droplets of food colouring.

The science bit: The molecules of the starch react when mixed with water to give the slime its viscosity. So when you (gently) lift the slime, it will be runny like liquid. However, if you press the slime more firmly, it should feel solid.Essentially, the experiment assists with learning around solids and liquids. Depending on the age of your child, you can introduce this scientific vocabulary to them.

Possible questions to ask:

(Before starting) What do you think will happen to the ingredients when we mix them together?

What happens to the slime when we hold it/ lift it out of the jar?

What happens to the slime when we press firmly?

(At end) Can you summarise/ explain what happened to the slime?

Here are some variations that we have made:

Sith slime for Star Wars Day


Hulk Slime


vday slime
A touch of pink for Valentines Day

Give our version of slime a try over the weekend and let us know how you get on. We love to get comments and feedback 🙂

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